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The Order of Canardiers was created in January 1986 by Michel Gueret, Founder President, with 20 personalities who care for the maintenance of our cultural heritage: culinary art, symbolized by the development of a great regional recipe the Rouennaise Duckling.

The Order of Canardiers includes two kinds of members : Master Canardiers who care the professionals that serve the Rouennaise Duckling in their establishment and Gentleman or Lady Canardiers who are gourmets that appreciate the recipe and share the purposes of the association.

The Ordre of Canardiers with Lise Thibault, Lieutenant Gouvernor of Québec

As soon as a region or a country counts at least 15 members, including 3 Master Canardiers, a Consulate can be opened officially. At present, the Order of Canardiers nearly counts 2000 members including 300 Master Canardiers, in over 30 countries or regions throughout the world.


In the beginning, indeed, a good many years ago, in Val de Seine, the duckling resulted from the farmyard ducks' frolicking with fast and vigourous drakes.
The fruit of these matings is of medium size with a strong chest, small thighs and abundant blood.


This recipe is release with an eight week duckling. After taking off the breast, the chef extracts from the carcass with the "duck press" all the cooking juices. Then he adds to the redwine sauce, flambé with Cognac, some lemon juice, portwine and foie gras butter to finally tickens it with the cooking juices.
Duckling, grown localy in a natural environment are numbered. To keep the tradition, you will receive a certificate with the number of the duckling to prove your culinary experience.

The duck press on the photo is around hundred years old. At this epoch, they was made by jeweller's shop in Paris. The press are decorating depend on their destination. On our photo, we could see the lion feet and heads, symbol of Rouen town in Normandie. We could conclude that it was made for a Master Canardier of this area.

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